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Adjusted to today’s needs, the old technique of root causes analyses turned out to be pretty effective for complex challenges.


(Re-)Creating Healthy and Productive Organisations from a Fresh Perspective



For employees and clients feeling connected with each other. Because the sources to (re-)create healthy and productive organisations exist today.

We connect people, initiatives and the parties involved. We create new possibilities and provide guidance from which people and organisations can choose what works and avoid what does not work (anymore).

We help organisations to find knowledge, techniques and solutions that have demonstrated their value with highly complex challenges. We help individuals, initiatives and organizations to translate the knowledge, techniques and solutions into low-effort yet high-impact policies, strategies and standards. We help making it part of the day-to-day operations.



High-Impact Guidance

Does your organisation suffer from

  • regular cost savings rounds,
  • a crippling bureaucracy,
  • an overwhelming complexity,
  • failed projects or
  • employees/clients preferring to leave at the next opportunity?

Do you have the feeling that the guidance to solve these challenges is missing?


Self-organization is becoming increasingly popular. However,

  • How do you make people taking on responsibility and make decisions they were not allowed to make for 10 or 20 years?
  • What are the crucial elements that provide thousands of employees as much freedom as possible and, yet, make the whole organisation function as a single entity?
  • How do you prevent the traps of self-organisation?



For more information, please contact Eugen Oetringer at +31-6-5063 6956 or info@comdys.com.

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Netwerk Organisatie

Workshop 16/17 juni, Eindhoven

Wat kunnen we leren van de recente kennis over onze hersenen?

Hoe vergelijken we hersenen met bedrijven?

... Oplossingen_bij grote uitdagingen.png

Wat gaat vaak fout bij bedrijven?

(Zelf) leiderschap in organisatie-vormen

Verander en transformatie processen


Health Checks

Does a communication gap exist in my organisation? PDF download

What is the health status of my corporation (ten questions only)? PDF download 


Presentatie STIR college Eindhoven

STIR College Eindhoven

ADHD, dyslexie, autisme en meer: een frisse Kijk en nieuwe mogelijkheden in Eindhoven


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White Paper

White Paper Bridging the Gap Between Central Organisations and the Field

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