Solving Tough Problems at their Root Cause: The Essence

After the extended introductory blog post of this highly complex challenge, let’s capture the essence of this call to action in a short post:

We have best practices, tools and experts for virtually any field. Where are those ensuring that not only the partial solutions work, but also the whole package at enterprise and system level? 

More specifically, where are those best practices, tools and experts that …

1.   solve the mounting conflicts between traditional1 and new best practices2?

2.   identify and solve the changeable (root) causes hiding behind complaints, reoccurring problems and ongoing cost-savings pressures?

3.  bridge the highly complex communication space between central and local organisations and between best practices?

4.  identify phenomena3 in complex environments and solve them with techniques suited to these phenomena?



1 Traditional/’old’ Best Practices: Project Management, Governance, service management/ITIL, etc. 

2 New Best Practices: Agile/Scrum, Semco, self-organization, etc.

3 Phenomena: Capacity bottlenecks, tipping points, butterfly effects, etc.



About Eugen Oetringer

Driven to find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges. Especially interested when earlier improvement attempts have delivered insufficient results.
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